What are the Basic Dog Commands?

Find out some of the basic commands that you can teach to your dog. 

Teaching basic commands to your dogs will help them behave at home and be a good dog citizen outside your home.

Giving your proper dog training can be your most rewarding part as a pet owner. When you train your dog correctly, you help your dog live a lifetime of love, safety, and happiness. 

Simple command s like sit and stay can make a huge difference in making your dog behave within your home premises or outdoors. Below are some of the basic commands made by Mobile Dog Grooming in Houston to help you train your dog how to behave.

Remember to let your dog practice with you for about 10 to 15 minutes each day. If you’ve got the time, have this training at least two to three times per day.


The basic command “sit” will help you a lot daily. If you are busy with work or preparing meals for your family, “sit” will be your go-to-command to make your dog stop running around.

How to Make Your Dog Sit

  • Get A Treat
  • Hold the treat above your pet’s head.
  • Slowly move the treat behind your dog’s head.
  • When your pet starts to crouch, say, “sit.”
  • After successfully making your canine sit, give the reward.


The “down” command is a tricky command to teach to your dog. Nonetheless, it’s vital, especially when your dog gets overly excited. 

How to Train Your Dog to Get Down

  • Get a strong-smelling treat.
  • Hold the treat in front of your dog.
  • Wait for your dog to smell it on its own.
  • Once your canine smells the treat, bring down the treat to the floor. Your dog will instinctively follow. 
  • When your dog’s belly is on the floor, say, “down.”
  • After that, give the treat to your dog.


The command ” stay” can be the most important command to teach your dog. This command can keep your dog safe and prevent your pet from running around. Teaching this at an early age to your pet can be beneficial to you and your dog.

How to Make Your Dog Stay

  • Have your dog start into a sitting position
  • If he or she moves or stands, say “no” and have your pet sit again.
  • When your canine stops moving, say “stay” and reward then with a treat by saying, “come.”

Watch Me

This command is not known or used by many pet owners. However, this command is just as important as the others. This training will come in handy, specifically when you are on a busy street with your dog. 

 How to Make your Dog Follow You

  • Hold a treat close to your dog’s nose.
  • Move the treat slowly towards your face and say, “watch me.”
  • Repeat if you must, then reward your dog.


The “wait” command is quite similar to “stay,” but mostly used inside your home. This command is valuable, especially when you expect visitors. To teach this command helps your dog behave and not barrel into your visitors when they come. 

How to Make Your Dog Wait

  • Get a partner for this training. One of you should be outside, and the other inside the house.
  • Let the person outside start by opening the door.
  • If the dog tries to move towards the person, shut the door.
  • Repeat this process if you must until your dog stops coming towards the door. After that, reward your dog with a treat.

Undergoing command training can be tiring for your dog. Give your dog a break by calling a Mobile Dog Grooming in Houston to give your pet a professional, gentle massage and a relaxing grooming service that helps your pet calm and relax.

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