Most Popular Structures Contractors Build

The construction process is a long one that involves different stages depending on the project that is being executed. Various contractors have different specialties when it comes to construction, which usually determines the type of project they will manage. While some contractors specialize in commercial buildings, others are focused on residential buildings. Some specialize in both, and what usually proves the specialty of a contractor is the license they hold. Most construction projects are overseen by a contractor who works with other subcontractors handling different construction stages. In the end, the result of the construction process is the erection of a structure. Structures are usually erected for a reason, and here we look at the most common structures built by contractors.


Residential homes rank highest in the list of structures that are built by contractors. This generally covers all types of buildings that people live in and includes townhouses, apartments, subdivisions, houses, cottages, single-unit houses, condominiums, etc. Homes are built by general contractors or homebuilders, depending on the type of home in question. Most general contractors build multiple homes with different designs that comply with the building codes and sell the homes to buyers who make little to no changes to the house. These kinds of homes are called speculative homes. On the other hand, there are home builders who construct custom homes based on the home buyer’s taste. General contractors and home builders may or may not work with an architect. Sometimes, these contractors and builders have basic knowledge of architecture, and this is what they use in designing and executing different residential constructions.

Commercial Buildings:

These are structures that are built for a commercial or business purpose. Such types of structures include office buildings, supermarkets, government buildings, public buildings, etc. Commercial facilities are an essential part of any city landscape, which explains why they are common structures. From convenience stores to skyscrapers, you will find commercial buildings everywhere. Some are even built with residential buildings, which are most common in towers and other similarly massive structures.

Highways and Bridges:

The transportation system of a town or city goes a long way in determining the town’s development. It is no surprise that these are one of the most common structures built by contractors. There are construction contractors that specialize in building bridges, roads, highways, etc. These facilities usually require a high degree of technical expertise, something that not every regular construction contractor can boast. From the materials that would be used for the construction to the equipment and techniques, it is crucial to get these structures right to ensure public safety. It is why multinational contractors and construction conglomerates usually handle the building.

Industrial and Heavy Structures:

These are structures owned by industrial corporations or the government and designed to serve a particular purpose. The facilities are built to fit that purpose exactly, and some contractors are specialized in such constructions. For instance, while a manufacturing plant and dam are industrial structures, the construction processes are different. Given that the project requires a high level of specialty, finding the right contractor is usually a rigorous and formal process.

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