How To Train Your Dog While Running A Full-Time Business

Having A Dog And Running Your Business

Having a dog is everyone’s desire. For those who don’t fancy the idea of having a dog, it is probably because they can’t create enough time for it. But, this does not have to be the case. If you are part of those people, you probably will not leave the best of life with pets.  

You don’t have to stop yourself from enjoying the euphoria of having a pet because of your business. What if there’s a way for you to train your dog and still run your business? Even if you run a full-time business, you will learn here; you can still train your dog.

Training Your Dog While Running Your Full Time Business

If you want to train, you want to fully train your dog and run your business simultaneously, follow these tested steps. 

Let Your Dog Follow You To Your Business’ Place: one of the things dogs love is being with you almost all the time. If you think about it, that’s what you also want. So, to create a balance while running your business, you can take it to your business’ location. This would allow you to keep an eye on it while you work. If you are working from the comfort of your home, you don’t have much to worry about.

Outline your schedule and create time for your dog: One of the biggest problems is creating enough time for your dog. Even your business is not full-time, this can be hard. The best way to handle this is to write out how your daily schedule is, then see how you can free up space for your dog.

Use your free time wisely: No matter how busy you seem to be, there would always be some free time from your work. Though the free time is for you, since you are multitasking, you can include your dog too. You can slash your free time activities and use the extra time to focus on your dog. During this time, give it the training that it needs.

Give the Dog The Necessary Potty Training: this is an important thing for many people. And aside from the time, one thing is their dog’s potty training. If your dog does not have the necessary potty training, it may create a problem for you. You may not focus on your business as you would get called to attend to it. To avoid these distractions while you work, potty train your dog.

Get someone for walking your dog: Because of your business, you might not be able to walk your dog the way you want. This does not have to be the case. You can always get someone to do that for you. While the dog is away on a walk, you can quickly attend to some of your lagging tasks. 

Have The Vet On Speed Dial: You might not be able to respond to emergencies the way you want to. Having your vet to speed dial can be a great relief. If there is an emergency, you can respond immediately, call your vet to take over from you, and get back to work.

Create Comfortable Dog’s Space: Dogs particularly love to be in comfortable places. When you are running your business, you don’t want this to be lacking. As much as possible, make your dog comfortable. Keep it busy with playthings.


Your dog should be a companion to you, not a burden. Even if you are running your business full-time, you can still train your dog. Follow the steps above and see how well it works out.

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